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Who We Are

OUR MISSION: Our firm specializes in helping families and individuals with all of their legal needs and assists them in all of their endeavors.

Cynthia Warner
Cynthia R. Warner

Elder Law Attorney
Cynthia graduated from UMKC School of Law in 2004 and has been focused in the field of Elder Law since 2007. She is a life long resident of Harrisonville, Missouri.

Warner Law Office
Theresa Erickson

Administrative Assistant
Theresa is an experienced administrator who provides support and management to the Warner Law Office team and assists clients as needed.

Warner Law Office
Susan Utchman

Certified Public Accountant
Susan is the owner of Quality Tax Solutions in Harrisonville. She provides financial consultations and expertise to clients and cases at Warner Law Office.

Ashley Crouch
Ashley Crouch

Traffic Paralegal
Ashley has more than 11 years experience working with prosecutors and the courts. She processes clients and provides case management support.

We Are Here To Serve You

I’ve been practicing law for over 15 years and I’ve found that our clients truly appreciate the time and effort I put into every aspect of their cases. I am here to serve Harrisonville and all of the surrounding communities as a locally owned business that is operated by a life long resident who is devoted to my local and extended communities.

We Stand By You

Our primary responsibility is protecting your rights, needs, and interests... not someone else's

At Warner Law Office you can be sure that we will invest our time and energy into protecting you and your concerns. We are experienced law professionals and know how to use the law to make sure that you are covered legally in the areas of concern in your life. Contact us today and see how we can help you. 

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